Pumpkin Festival in Prescott Valley

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Event date was October 22-23, 2005
Last years pumpkin festival was so much fun, we decided to do it again!! The girls had a blast last year riding ponies and just good old fashioned "fun on the farm." We got to drink fresh apple cider (and I mean FRESH, as in they squeeze it, you drink it kind of fresh.) Of course, Greg had to over do it by drinking half a gallon of the stuff in about an hour which made his stomach upset partly through the day, but this year decided to drink it at a pace that his body could accept!! We saw 4 week old baby chickens starting to shed their baby feathers, the smell of 30,000 turkeys was a bit overwhelming for Wendy's nose, and we saw all sorts of other "farm animals." We have decided that Heather DOES NOT like it when the animals lick her hands while trying to eat the food off of it. She screamed so loudly, people probably thought we were trying to abduct her!! The "girls" got their faces painted and the "boys" got airbrushed tattoos. We traveled to Prescott Friday night, going to the Harvest Festival on Saturday, and returning home Sunday afternoon. This link will take you to the Young's Farm Pumpkin Festival site.
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