Greg's Baptism

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April 12, 2006
My mom (Paulette) and I (Greg) were baptized on April 12, 2006 at Central Christian Church after the Wednesday night service. I accepted Christ into my life a long time ago but had never been baptized because I felt it was important for my grandma (Fay) to be there to witness my baptism. She started taking me to church when I was a child and she was the one who planted the seed many years ago. I felt that it was only fitting that she be present to see what has grown from the seed she planted 27 years ago. My friend Cody Huff was the one who actually "dunked me." It seemed appropriate to be baptized right before Easter!! All of my family and friends were welcomed to come down to Central Christian Church to witness this historical event!! Wednesday night services start were at 6:30pm.
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